How To Nurture Confident & Happy Children Without Worrying About Them...

  • Are you worried that your child will stay behind in learning but do not want him/her to attend preschool so soon?
  • Are you worried that your child has so much free time at home and do nothing?
  • Are you worried that your child is attached to electronic gadgets most of the time?
  • Are you worried that your child is shy and lack of confidence?
  • Are you worried that your child has a strong separation anxiety and could not be away from you even just for a while?
  • Are you worried that your child is lacking social skill as he/she is always playing alone?
  • Are you worried that your child has a short attention span and could not focus?

If you say yes to any of the above, then "Mini Maestros" program is just right for you & your child!  


This is because Mini Maestros program is ...

  • a fun based music program that incorporates lots of activities - singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, storytelling, peekaboo activities and many more that can develop your child's musical skills
  • a program that will help to build your child's confidence and increase their self-esteem 
  • a program that will help to develop fine and gross motor skills of your child  
  • a program that will help to develop your child's cognitive skill (thinking skill)
  •  a program that provides social interaction with other children and parents too  
  • a program that nurtures whole brain development (not just left or just right brain development) 
  • a program that provides at-home activities pack that you can do with your little ones at home - speed up learning and build quality bonding time together !

Why parent like Mini Maestros program?

More about Mini Maestros :

Mini Maestros is Australia's leading music educational program for children 6 months to 6 years old of age and provides the highest quality lesson content developed by early childhood music education experts and delivered by a team of thoroughly trained teachers! 

Mini Maestros creates self-reliant, confident and well-rounded children. Through music and movement, Mini Maestros provides a nurturing space to develop the whole child, celebrating their social, cognitive, physical and emotional breakthroughs.

First in Malaysia and available in Desa ParkCity. Don't miss the chance to experience this interesting program by registering for a FREE Trial Class now!


Learning through play

Mini Maestros is about "Learning through play". It is a structured program that creates a safe platform from which learning can occur through creative exploration into discovery. Learning comes first through playing, singing activities and pleasurable experience, and later through conscious thought process.

A vocal based program

The use of singing voice provides the best start to music education because of the multi-faceted skill development that is offered. Singing uses a wider range of tones than speaking voice and thus, in a child's imitation of them, gives them more of a landscape to develop speech and is particularly beneficial in learning languages. 

Use of variety of percussion instruments and entertaining props

We bring a variety of percussion instruments into the class for the children to experience with. We provide attractive and entertaining props, which stimulate the children's imagination and keep them engaged in the music-making educational activities.

Studio Class

Parents and carers of our Mini Maestros students are welcomed into the class and participate along with their children. This time together not only allows the parent or carer to spend valuable play time with their child it can also provide the time for the parent or carers to observe their children’s development. 

Raving Testimonials

"It's has been 9 months since Hannah join (2 & 3 years old) Mini & Moments class with my first intention to let her discover music. The outcome I see in her is far greater than expected, not only she enjoys music and look forward to the next class, she also learns new words through play, able to speak & answer publicly in confidence, recognize the different sound of instruments, improves in tempo & rhythm over time. When she started, she would just sit and observe in class but would often repeat what she learns to us at home. What surprises us is she is not afraid when she was asked randomly to go up on stage with 10 other bigger kids in a mall event to dance. She is able to dance publicly and complete the task. I am excited to see what she has progressed thus far and proud to have made the right choice for her!"

<Mummy Keem, mother of Hannah - Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class>

"Today is the third time Olivia came to Mini & Moments class. I remembered that I asked the teacher is there any way for my daughter to learn to speak more, in addition, to say "bye bye". The teacher said that there is a child that does not like to talk when she first came to Mini & Moments music class for toddlers. After a few lessons, she started to talk. As for Olivia, after attended 2nd class, she finally began to speak "Mom, Dad, apple, and duck" (the vocabulary that the teacher used in the music class activities through singing). What a good way to trigger children to speak and sing. Here at Mini & Moments can also develop children's interest in music and learn the beat, rhythm and so on!"

<Shino, mother of Olivia - Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class>

"Apart from the Mini Maestro music programme itself, I can feel that is the teacher here who plant the seed of musical interest in kids and make my little princess likes to listen to the music. Our little one does know how to sing the songs out of our surprise now after a few classes. Music is one of the most important elements in kids growth and Mini Maestro Music Programme does know the way to do this"

<Ivy, mother of Mia - Mini Maestros 2-3 year old class>

"Belle is scared to interact with strangers when she started to recognize people. I'm tired whenever I brought her out for a meal. She is shy and wants to be carried by me only. However, she is not shy anymore after she joins Mini & Moments music class and socializes with strangers at ease. Initially, I thought she doesn't understand the instructions from teachers. Surprisingly, she can repeat the instructions just after the 2nd class and repeat the actions when playing with us. She enjoys a lot in the class. The teachers are so patient and cheerful all the time."

<Khim, mother of Belle - Mini Maestros 1-2 year old class>

"Signed my girl up for the Mini Maestros music program, and I’m glad to say that she enjoyed herself thoroughly! Both teachers, Ms Wong and Ms Carmen are such engaging and dedicated teachers. Every session is truly filled with great fun and joy. After doing 10 lessons, I can see how the program has helped my girl develop more interest in music as well as boosting her confidence overall."

<Melisa, mother of Faith - Mini Maestros 1-2 year old class>

"Ever since my firstborn attended Mini & Moments music class for toddlers (Mini Maestros), her motor skill and speeches have improved and shown positive response as compared to before attending the school. Apart from that, my second born has been enjoying himself every time his sister attends the class and he will wait & play outside of the classroom as Mini & Moments provides such a cozy and fun place for the kids. The teachers are also gentle, caring and friendly."

<Dayang, mother of Maryam - Mini Maestros 2-3 year old class>

So... are you in?